Digital 3D

Digital 3D | With a fully developed 3D model, it is possible to explore your design from virtually any vantage point. Multiple images and animations can maximize the asset investment. Design, materials or lighting alternatives are fully available for design consideration.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media | This solution offers the greatest versatility on many levels including time, expression and design exploration. Images can be expressed as either conceptual, photo-realistic or highly stylized approach to either. I am able to work directly with your existing 3D assets and photos if available. My approach is highly versatile and delivers engaging results.

Traditional Watercolor

Watercolor | Both expressive and suggestive, watercolor is very suitable for design visualization. The watercolor example here is presentation quality, although concept sketch approach is also an option.  Watercolor solutions to design visualization offer an exceptional means to communicate concept, while subtly cueing your audience that things are not quite set.   

SketchUp Concept
Homeslide_Illustration with SketchUp

SketchUp Concept | Versatile, fast and economical approach to design visualization and urban planning. This technique picks up where your model has left off.  Multiple views, various design alternatives and lighting scenarios can be explored quickly and efficiently, with a stylized approach.  Truly a versatile solution when time and budget are limited during early stages. This is a great choice during charette.




Photography | Architectural or Product photography at your location or mine.  Interiors, aerial or ground level of architecture and events.

Film & Motion